The A B C's of the Rouen Pre-owned Outlet

Since the 1st day Rouen Automotive opened its doors over quarter century ago the Principle Owner has wanted to stand out head and shoulders over the other crowd of Dealerships.  Over the years of listening to our customers, employees and  focus groups on how to make your pre owned purchase experience the best you have ever had we have found what is most relevant to the typical Pre owned car buyer. 

Here is what separates us from the crowd.


A.      Up Front Pricing, The price of a quality pre owned vehicle is clearly subjective and even the major used vehicle value guides vary from time to time.  The other key drivers that effect price are the overall condition, mileage, color, equipment and demand that the vehicle has.  At the Rouen Pre Owned Outlet we will provide you a comprehensive 3rd party report that shows current values from all of the major guides.  We will show you information based on actual transactions of what other people pay for a similar vehicle from JD Power’s and Associates and what we have actually done to the vehicle i.e. tires breaks or any other repairs to make the vehicle safe, dependable and to look at its best for you.  We will show you the history of owner ship via a free Car Fax Report and give you our Fair Price up front.  If after your physical inspection of the information and condition of the vehicle we would welcome your feedback on the pricing.   

B.      The No Salesman Approach Customers love that fact that we don’t have the razzle dazzle car salesperson that clutters the dealerships across the nation. Our employees are trained to help guide our customers through the car buying experience, not pressure you into making a poor decision.  We pride ourselves in matching your wants, needs or circumstances to the best vehicle available.

C.      The Transparency of The Purchase Our customers constantly comment on the ease and simplicity of their purchase experience and often thank us for providing the relevant information necessary to make an informed decision.  You don’t need the white knuckle negotiations skills or have to walk away with the fear that you paid too much or even that uncomfortable feeling that your friend,family member or co worker would have paid a lot less when you shop at Rouen.  Transparency saves you time effort money and stress.


We also offer FREE Car Fax Reports so there are NO suprises. Rouen Automotive has been in business for over 25 years, we have a A+ Better Business Rating, you can count on us to give you a different used car buying experience!